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Affordable Housing Choices

The gap between the cost of housing and what families can afford to pay is one of the most serious challenges which face us as a community and as a nation.

The Peoria Housing Authority is dedicated to providing decent, safe and quality affordable housing to eligible persons with limited incomes. However, there are many more families eligible for housing programs than there is housing or funding available.

Here are some options to help you secure affordable housing through the Peoria Housing Authority.

All PHA Developments

Taft Homes

Taft Homes, built in 1952, lies close to the business district of downtown Peoria.

Harrison Homes

Located on Peoria's far South Side, Harrison Homes has about 158 apartments on 31 acres.

Sterling Towers

Sterling Towers provides quality housing for the elderly.

Scattered Sites

Scattered Sites includes 118 homes scattered across the city of Peoria.

RiverWest & RiverWest South

RiverWest, at the former Warner Homes, is a $46-million dollar family-oriented, mixed-income, townhouse neighborhood.

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